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Breeding, Winter 2018 - 2019.

Ter Waele Pitch

NHSB 3014080, HD free, ED free, V1 Rated 
DNA Profile NL VHL-id: H115931, LABOKLIN JLPP Free, LÜW-free
AD/UV, BH/VZH, ZtP ADRK, IPO I, (93,85,89 Ausgepraegt). 

Sire: Ryen vom Kressbach, ADRK 123204, HD free, ED +/- (FCI B), 
ZTP, BH, AD, VPG/IPO I, VPG/IPO II, IPO III, Multi V I rated, DNA ADRK, LABOKLIN JLPP Free, Clear Heart & Eyes

Dam: Dutch Champion, Veteran Champion, Veteran Winster 2016 Ter Waele Dapper
HD Vrij, (HDA, according FCI standard) ED Vrij,
NHSB 2717934 BH / VZH, AD / UV, IPO I, DNA Profiel #V613725 (USA) & NL VHL-id: H58542, LABOKLIN JLPP Free
VI rated, CAC, CACIB, Best bitch, Res. Ch. bitches NRC Clubmatch 2011, Best in Holland bred bitch NRC Clubmatch 2011



Dogbase numbers of this future litter are: Not announced yet

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