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Welcome to the Ter Waele website!

Ter Waele is the name of our home, built in 1959 in the area of the Hague near the North sea cost, and we still live in our family home.

During the 1960‘s the name Ter Waele was chosen by my parents as the stable name for their horsebreeding program.

Our family have been breeding horses for three generations, my grandfather, a successful tulipbreeder, began breeding his Gelder horses which were used for working the land. Between 1960 and 1980 we bred New Forest ponies, and then came the Arabians. With both breeds we competed in shows and trials, Dressage, Showjumping, Confirmation and Endurance.

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De pups van Ter Waele Terra zijn geboren / The pups from Ter Waele Terra are born

02 October 2022 NL Versie: Op 29 september jl. zijn de pups van Ter Waele Terra geboren. Voor meer informatie over de pups bezoek de pagina "Nestinformatie" op de website. At September 29th. 2022 is the litter of... Read more

Ter Waele Terra is gedekt / Ter Waele Terra has been bred

18 September 2022 NL Versie:  Ter Waele Terra is gedekt op 27 juli 2022. Haar pups worden omstreeks 30 september 2022 verwacht.  UK Version:  Ter Waele Terra has been bred at July 27th. 2022 The litter is expected ... Read more

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