Ter Waele Utwo

Nederlands Kampioen, CAC, CACIB, V1 Rated

Deceased: 24 maart 2011

Day of birth:
April 21st 2002 - March 24th 2011
Free (HDA, according FCI standard)
AKC DNA Profile
#V310759 (USA)
VZH / BH, IPO I, UV / AD, MAG test E.S.Z

Sire: Donner vom Herrengarten

ADRK 098063, HD Free, ED Free, BH, AD, ZTP,
Sch.H.III, VPG III, Klubsieger 2001, Bundessieger 2001,
Deutscher Champion (VDH)

Dam: Ter Waele Margje

NHSB 2086875, HDTc, ED Free, VZH / BH, IPO I, RST,
E.S.Z. (Rasstandaardtest Dutch Rottweiler Club)

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30-03-2003 Leiden Youthclass Mr. E. Wieldraaijer Excellent I
29-05-2003 Lelystad Youthclass Mr. F. Beiboer Excellent III
31-05-2003 Worldshow Dortmund Youthclass Mr. P. Fleige Very Good
11-11-2003 Bleiswijk Youngdogsclass Mrs. H. Harmsma Excellent I, Res. CAC,
06-12-2003 Amsterdam, Winner Youngdogsclass Mr. F. Beiboer Excellent I
01-02-2004 Eindhoven Youngdogsclass Mr. H. Weiler Excellent
24-04-2004 Goes Openclass Mr. K. Pot Excellent III
15-05-2004 Valkenswaard Breedersclass Mr. D. Hoffmann Excellent
15-08-2004 Kleve, Kranenburg, (DE) Openclass Mr. H. Weiler Excellent
05-09-2004 ADRK Klubsiegershow Openclass Mr. U. Petermann Excellent
11-09-2004 Hapert, BENELUX Show Openclass Mr. W.J.M. Peters Excellent II
25-09-2004 Maastricht Openclass Mr. T. Gibson (UK) Excellent I, CAC, CACIB
Winners bitch
30-10-2004 Utrecht Openclass Mr. L.C.A. Quartel Excellent I, Res. CAC,
27-11-2004 Amsterdam Openclass Mr. K. Pot Excellent III
20-12-2004 Wijchen Openclass Mrs. A. Arch Excellent IV
30-01-2005 Eindhoven Openclass Mrs. A. Christensen Very Good
24-05-2005 Duitsland Openclass Mr. H. Weiler Excellent IV
27-08-2005 Rotterdam Openclass Mr. J.B. Purkhiser Excellent IV
17-09-2005 Maastricht Openclass Mrs. A. Whitmarsh Excellent II
06-11-2005 Bleiswijk Openclass Mr. E. Wieldraaijer Uitmuntend
12-11-2005 Amsterdam UV exam Mr. F. Matekovic Passed
19-11-2005 Zwolle Openclass Mrs. E. Bons-de Wever Excellent I
03-12-2005 Amsterdam Openclass Mr. F.A. Schaaf Excellent III
17-12-2005 Wijchen Openclass Mr. J.M. Reinders Excellent I, CAC,
CACIB, Best bitch
05-02-2006 Eindhoven Openclass Mr. F. Beiboer Excellent II, Res. CAC, Res CACIB
05-03-2006 Zuidlaren Openclass Mr. Schweizer (Ch) Excellent II
01-04-2006 Leiden Openclass Mr. R. Doedeins Excellent III
17-04-2006 Leeuwarden Openclass Mr. J.M. Reinders Excellent I, CAC, CACIB,
Best bitch
27-05-2006 Made Openclass Mrs. E. Bons - de Wever Excellent IV
17-12-2006 Kerstshow Wijchen Workingdogs class Mr. L.C.A. Quartel Excellent I CAC, CACIB
04-02-2007 Eindhoven Workingdogs class Mrs. W. Eikeseth (NOR) Excellent II
04-03-2007 Groningen Workingdogs class Mr. F. Beiboer Excellent I
25-03-2007 Leiden Championsclass Mr. J.M. Reinders Excellent I
22-04-2007 Goes Championsclass Mrs. M.W. van Deyl Excellent I
19-05-2007 Emmen Championsclass Mr. U. Petermann Excellent IV
27-05-2007 Arnhem Workingdogs class Mr. L.C.A Quartel Excellent I, Res. CAC,
30-06-2007 Echt Championsclass Mr. P. Montfoort Excellent II
11-08-2007 Berghem Championsclass Mr. E. Wieldraaijer Excellent I, Res. CAC,
18-08-2007 Rottweil (DE) Championsclass Mr. E. Hellmann Excellent
25-08-2007 Rotterdam Championsclass Mr. Sinko (SL) Very Good
29-09-2007 Maastricht Championsclass Mr. D. Hoffmann (DE) Excellent I

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