Ter Waele Vito

Date of birth:
18 May 2019
Vrij  (HD A according FCI standard)
DNA Profile
NL VHL-id: H327707, LABOKLIN JLPP Free, LÜW-Free,
Degenerative Myelopathy - PCR - Result: Genotype N/N (exon 2)
X-linked Myopathy (XL-MTM) - PCR Result: Genotype female X(N)/X(N), male X(N)/Y
Certiticate de Sociabilité et D' Apditude a L' Utilisation
BH / VZH, IGP 1 

Sire: Greif vom Königsforst

ADRK 125857, HD free, ED+ (Grad I), Bundes JGD SGR. 2015, DT. JGD-CH.(ADRK), DT.JGD CH.(VDH), 
DT.CH.(VDH), DT.CH. (ADRK),  IPO III, BH, AD, ZTP ADRK, Gekört bis 17-09-2019
DNA-getestet ADRK, JLPP-N/N (free), DNA Profile NL VHL_JD: H234766.

Dam: Ter Waele Helder

NHSB 2839517, V1, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB, Multi V rated, 
HD free (HDA, according FCI standard), ED free, DNA profiel NL VHL-id: H62351, LABOKLIN JLPP free
AD/UV, BH/VT (ADRK), IPO I (96-92-100 a), ZtP ADRK
Beste werkhond "Winnershow" Amsterdam 2016,  
Beste Werkhond "Brabantcup" Den Bosch 2018
Beste Werkhond "Winnershow & Kerstshow", Gorinchem 2019 

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Owner of Ter Waele Vito is Mr. H. Favel: e-mail )

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Date Location Class Judge Result
22-01-2022 Breuil France  IGP 1  A: 94
B: 90
C: 92 
Total Score of 276 
 21-11-2021 St. Martin France  BH / VZH Gilbert Geuvell  Passed Best dog of the day 
21-11-2021 St. Martin France  Certiticate de Sociabilité et D' Apditude a L' Utilisation Gilbert Geuvell  Passed 

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