Onze laatste arabier is in 2019 verkocht. Wij hebben besloten om ons niet langer met fokken en houden van Arabieren bezig te houden.

Ter Waele Arabians is one of the few breeders in the Netherlands whose foundation stems directly from Crabbet and old English bloodlines. To maintain our gene pool over the years, we have often sent our mares to the UK for breeding.

We also consider ourselves very fortunate to have the friendship of some great breeders in the UK. Their knowledge and mentoring has truly been invaluable to us. My warmest appreciation and thanks to Mrs. Beatrice Paine in England, a pillar of Crabbet and Old English bloodlines, whose efforts have done so much to ensure this remarkably successful gene pool for the future – especially through Ben Rabba.

As always, our Arabians are trained and beautifully prepared for the show ring by John and Angeline Maarse, both superbly adept at preparing and training Arabians, Show Jumpers and Dressage Horses.

Moving forward into the 21 st century, we feel the time has come to incorporate some other bloodlines on our breeding program as well. Though our continuing objective shall be to produce Arabians who can perform well in the European show ring, yet also possess a strong willingness to work under saddle. Our next generation will utilize a stallion of impeccable conformation, movement and attitude, yet bringing a lower percentage of Crabbet and Old English blood than we have typically bred for in the past. We believe this outcross will bring excellent results and enhance future breedings back to our foundation stock. It also does give us the oppertunity to do some line breeding with stallions who do trace back to our own bloodlines.   

Though blood typing and DNA profiles are already standard procedure for all Arabians in the Dutch Studbook, we will also be testing all our breeding stock for SCID and CA (Cerebellar Abiotrophy) in the very near future.

We hope for great things in the future and wish all our friends and supporters an excellent year.


Kiene Zandbergen